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PostSubject: Mythology   Mythology EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 9:45 am

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Developed by Mythology HvEwn



The so called guardians of the world. It is said that they are the givers of magic and they can give the power of magic to any living form. The magic being tied to the Manifest’s element..But magic comes with a price. They are the masters of magic itself being able to control magic in ways that seems impossible. Appearing as normal human beings, Manifests are everywhere around you even if you might not know where. Their true power is beyond imaginable.


Human beings who have been granted the power of magic. but an Aurist has mastered the powers of magic and is able to use a wide variety of spells and not just the element of the original Manifests who gave the Aurist’s power. They are the biggest threat to any living Manifest because there is said to be a technique that can only be used against a manifest by a aorist..A horrifying technique..But this is just a myth.


Magic is the ability created by the Manifest’s of the old ages.Magic is the power to change and shape your own aura in ways beyond imaganible.Be it a fireball or an Icy Tornado..You can do it..If your will is strong enough.

The Price of Magic

When a Manifest gives the amazing power of magic the “receiver” get’s a curse tied to the person personality and will possibly be negative or positive, the end result is determined by the user’s intentions and alignment. A few examples are amnesia, illness’s, Shortened life or in rare cases even immortality.


Throughout the world strange errors in time cause’s anomalies that takes you to the ripple in time. The world where it takes you has many names to some it may be the crystal world because the many crystals that can be found there, But to most it is know as the passage of time because all of time flows through there.


Magically imbued, these crystal appear in the passage of time and is able to increase the power of magic. Adding elements to it making it more powerful and anyone using it a dangerous threat and a worthy foe

The Equinox

A myth that details an event which will forever be etched in history. What the event will be no one knows but there have been countless theory’s to what it may be such as an uprising ,a war ,a revolution and many more.

Save whisps(Name Will Change,suggestions welcome!Very Happy)

Beings that are said to have traveled from the passage of time to the present time to seek am everlasting light. These’s creature’s are said to have power’s of time and many travelers say that after meeting one you will forever have a second chance..If you need one.

This is the mythology of Ardyle Led:Manifest's Tale.More Stuff will be added soon.
If you have any comments/criticism please post in this topic

Thanks for Reading Very Happy

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